How We Help

Soup Kitchens

We support multiple soup kitchens around Latvia. This is a great opporunity for us to feed hungry people and tell them about the Gospel of Christ. For the people who are home bound, we deliver the soup, and during these deliveries we occassionally complete simple health checks for people who are diabetics.

Medical Support

We have a variety of medical needs, some of which is ongning or some of which is intermittent. The needs are constantly changing, what could be needed one day, could be different tomorrow. So the needs and opportunities for medical supported children is always changing and needed. So if interested in opportunities please reach out to us.

There are many medical needs. Some of the needs are intermittent and others are continual. We have some kids that are in need continual of medical support and are offering opportunies for you to directly support a child.


Fellowship is vital to everyone's walk with Christ. The Bible calls us to share in each other's successes, failures, hardships and sorrows. We are not meant to go this alone. We encourage fellowship in Bible studies and prayer groups.

Prayer Support

We value your prayers. One of the most valuable things we can do is pray. It is ...