Family Living Ministries International, FLMI later referred to as FLMI. FLMI's mission is to the former soviet union country of Latvia.!

Location wise, the eastern border of Latvia is Rusia & the western border is the baltic sea, on a general latitude with southern Alaska.

FLMI was one of the only foreign ministries allowed within the baltic states leper colony and Latvia's Olaine maximum security prison, and it's done with "Hands On", and touch ministering. We believe it's the Holy Spirit's job to protect us... And He does! Because of leprosy, most of these people never know what it was like to be loved, have a sense of caring or just be held and cried with. The entire leperosarium staff are now Christians as is the medical director.

In this institution as wall as others, our goal is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ and that He loves them unconditionally with a Holy and demonstrated passion.

FLMI has been teaching in an international seminary in the capital city of Riga, other university settings and has Latvian national multilingual staff members and representatives working year-round, including our director of operations in Latvia, also a FLMI board member.

FLMI ministers in nearly every confession in Latvia, including Roman Catholic. Our Bible study groups include many Catholics & Russian Orthodox, who otherwise may not hear the Gospel.

We spend considerable time in the public schools because currently we are being requested to share there. We are also training teachers how to bring God's love and the good news to their students. Frequent music concerts are also provided.

In all these venues we have our past presidents books, authored by Dr. Clary, in English, Latvian and Russian along with the use of a music cd with his sax music songs. Revenue from these materials stays in Latvia, helping to support operating expenses, except when succeeding editions of the books and cd's must be produced.

The majority of the teachers in Latvia that have been dedicated communist and evolutionist are now some of our most adamant Christian & many are now influential positions, requiring attendance at regional teacher's conferences, where we can present and document the claims of Christ.

FLMI has been heard regularly on Latvia national Christian radio with messages, Q&A sessions and our music cd's & we wrote columns for the newspapers.

Latvia is an expensive country in which to serve, because now Latvia is part of the EU euro. The US dollar exchange is tied to the euro exchange rate.

FLMI missionary organization in Latvia possesses a letter of endorsement from the embassy of the United States.

We are governed by an international board of directors & FLMI is a registered state of washington non-profit corporation and also an IRS registered 501c3 ministry, providing tax-deductible receipts for all contributions and support. While not a member, due to the costs involved, FLMI also adheres to the financial and ethics standards of ECFA, has a financial controller and conducts an annual internal audit.