Faith in Latvia

Latvian Faith

Latvia has 60% belonging to a Christian Church, but only a small minority practice their faith. Latvia has deep pegan roots, and was one of the last European peoples to be Christianized.

How big is Latvia?

Washington State

71,362 mi² / 184,827 km²


24,926 mi² / 64,559 km²

West Virginia

24,114 mi² / 62,468 km²

Families, Marriages & Divorces


There were 10,700 marriages in 2020, which is a drop of nearly 17% when compared to the previous year. The number of of people entering their first marriage was 67% on average. The average length of marriages in 2019 was 13.3 years.

Families with Children

Each year about 40% of children are born outside marriage. Of the divorces in Latvia, nearly half of them had children under the age of 18.



Latvia and Lithuania had the highest number of divorces per 1000 inhabitants amoung the EU countries. Out of every 1000 marriages in Latvia, 486 are divorced.